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Contract Services for NGO's

Counselling and Consulting Services Tasmania can provide professional services for NGOs on a contract basis.

Many NGOs want to offer specific support for their client group or staff without having to employ a qualified professional to deliver those services. This can include regular counselling services, program development and delivery, workshops, professional supervision for staff in the human services sector, and practice development.

Delivery Method and Costs Involved
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Counselling services can be delivered on a regular basis and on a per session or day rate.  Quarterly reports are provided showing statistical summaries of client demographic information and presenting and emerging issues.

Group programs can be tailor-made to meet the required program and client outcomes and create skill development that is measurable. Professional supervision and practice development is provided for a range of human services staff and can be delivered in house or off site.

Costs vary according to the services required. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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