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Professional Supervision

Professional supervision is a growing practice which allows practitioners to engage in a self-reflective process that can help them explore ways to do what they do better, and to debrief on issues that are challenging them. 

For the practitioner, it provides an objective space to work through any issues that are impacting on their best working selves, and provides a learning environment for professional development and growth. Supervision supports the professional to uphold quality service, increase their resilience within their work-role, and continue to build their professional identity.

Many organisations see benefits of external supervision for their staff as well. It can provide skill enhancement for workers, and better service outcomes for the people the organisation serves. It also provides a quality control mechanism for organisational clients and WH&S safeguards for workers.

Delivery Method and Costs Involved
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Best practice models recommend face to face supervision.

This is provided at an agreed location and on a regular basis, most commonly monthly.

Individual sessions are $180ph + GST

Discounts are available for annual contracts.

Professional supervision can be included as a part of broader contract agreements with NGOs.

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